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The name Ground Cargo Transportation has become synonymous with a service that is timely, well structured, integrated and streamlined. Thanks to the dedicated resources and a strong and wide network which make transportation easy as well as hassle free.

We value your belongings as much as you do and this is exactly what prompts us to deliver them at the desired destination safely and in one piece. Being in the business for almost 2 decades, Ground Cargo Transportation is validated as members of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We are also an approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and an International Air Transport Association member (IATA).

Air freight forwarding service is normally used for transporting goods which are more than 150 pounds and cannot be delivered through courier. Air freight forwarding can be of three types – domestic, local or international. Domestic and local services hardly take one or two days. Delays do occur at times but they are only subject to inclement weather conditions.

But international air freight forwarding is a far more intricate process because the distance involved is usually greater. Therefore, being able to satisfy the client is an extremely challenging task. The quicker you can deliver the goods, the better it is. So air freight forwarding companies look for ways that would easily accomplish their purpose. And to make this a reality we have selected some of the most well-renowned airlines from around the world. They facilitate shipment to and from United States and Canada to anywhere in the world. There are over 300 destinations where we provide services thereby ensuring the best global coverage.

The two most important advantages of air freight services include super fast delivery and fewer risks. They also allow the option to track the movement of cargo. Our company ensures the timely dissemination of goods and also makes sure that the items are delivered at their destination smoothly. Everything is carried out in full accordance with the legal formalities. Ground Cargo Transportation greatly focuses on transparency since we believe this is the key to a successful and enduring relationship with our customers. We maintain confidentiality wherever required and live up to our clients’ expectations every time through a delivery system that adheres to the highest international standards of shipping.

Our services are customized keeping in mind the varying needs and schedule of our customers. Hence we select the carrier that would most appropriately suit their shipment needs. You actually won’t find too many companies doing this and this is what separates us from the other air freight forwarding companies . We also have a knowledgeable team of logistics experts who will brief you about all the do’s and don’ts. For example they will tell you which items are permissible and which are contraband in a particular country.

They will also inform you about the amount of weight allowed to be carried in a flight. This help save a considerable portion of your money and not only so, it also removes all the unnecessary hassles that you may have to encounter due to lack of adequate knowledge. We pay attention to each shipment and make sure there are no delays or losses incurred as a result of negligence. Our team will also let you know the amount of time it would take to deliver the goods and how much each would cost. In our country, the transportation of fragile goods cost more and the prices of other goods have been fixed based on the density and several other factors. Did you know that we also provide warehousing, risk assessment and door to airport service for heavy goods?

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